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Welcome to our roadshow: Amos, Naeva, Ian and Kristina on the go for six months. We're saying goodbye to our real life in Victoria BC, and heading out to see a bit of the world. Australia, Thailand and Europe - by camper, bike, foot and everything in between. Thanks for joining us on our travels!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Skiing with the Olympians

Spent a great day in Ottawa with Ian's sister Jolanta and family, who managed to track down enough cross-country ski gear and warm clothes
to outfit the Victorians for a day in the woods.

Headed up to the Gatineau Hills to their cross-country ski club for a ski and lunch in the hut by the wood stove. There is an international competition in Ottawa this week, and we shared the nearly empty trails with the Gods of the Norwegian, Russian, Italian and German national (men's) cross-country teams. The kids had fun yelling hello in their languages as they flew by. Nice scenery.
Ian and Amos stayed to cheer on the cousins in their annual cookie race (brilliant: they race for medals made out of cookies) while Naeva and I visited with some Victoria friends, then joined more Scott cousins for 12 of us around the table for Sunday dinner.

Finishing up a late night of packing. So far, so good. Had to give last rites to my duffel bag after it exploded in Vancouver; thanks Dono for the loan, and to Jolanta for living a few blocks from MEC for a replacement. All set for the 26 hour trip tomorrow! Will write from Sydney.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Kira cooking in the kitchen. Our first night away, the international destination of east van ... Much more international than Victoria anyway. Fantastic meal with friends. Perfect send off.

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We're off,

After a very busy, actually insane few weeks we are off. But only because of an incredible amount of support from our families and friends, or we couldn't have managed. We were still stuffing Mike an Peggy's garage until the moment we left. But we did all sit around the table, after much cajoling, before we raced out the door. A lesson I learned at sixteen in Russia. Sit, pause, relax, think before you leave on a big trip - safe travels and good fortune will follow.

Naeva is still a little peeved about missing AAAs I think.

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11 pm...still packing...

I think Ian made it to bed around 3.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Amos, what do you think about this crazy trip?

Amos shares his thoughts with Auntie Jenny...

Six days to go!

At last - the long promised blog. We're so close. Moved out of house; moved into mom & dads; got the shots, the passports, the homeschool assignments, the six months of diabetes supplies (Amos), the bike tools and malaria meds; now it's onto packing and saying goodbyes to our amazing friends and family who have helped us get out the door.  Last day of school and work is Thursday. Goal: 1 pm ferry to Vancouver this Friday.