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Welcome to our roadshow: Amos, Naeva, Ian and Kristina on the go for six months. We're saying goodbye to our real life in Victoria BC, and heading out to see a bit of the world. Australia, Thailand and Europe - by camper, bike, foot and everything in between. Thanks for joining us on our travels!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


If you are here looking for Kristina, Ian, Naeva and Amos's travelling roadshow blog ... Well we have moved, to a different, better platform. The WAY better The Rolling Roadshow on Wordpress. See you there. We are still moving everything over but all the new stuff will be there.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fall is here

Happy autumn/spring, depending where you are! We welcomed in the first day of fall with overnight rain and a misty goodbye to Woodenbong and Lowell, Alicia, Charlie and Hudson. Lowell had checked the forecast for us and it said RAIN everywhere along the northern coast of NSW for the next while, so we abandoned plans to head to Byron Bay and went south instead, in search of sun. We drove for 7 hours the first day, through beautiful farmland and wind-y roads to the main twinned highway along the coast that links Brisbane with Sydney. Our overnight in Harrington, picked out specially for the amazing-looking campground and fantastic beach turned out to be a bust; 1) the campground photos looked nothing like reality (including lots of warnings of bad sand fleas and a brownish swimming pool) and 2) there was about 6 hours of consistent, cats and dogs, heavens have opened, puking, sideways pouring rain overnight. Being from Vancouver Island, this even put a good day in Tofino to the test. We dodged the puddles, packed up the wet clothes and put out a last minute call to the Bouris Network...onto The Oaks, 5 hours south, where Georgia and Marvin were waiting with a delicious meal, indoor beds and a promise of a clearing forecast!

After lots of talk about Australian and US politics, and a beautiful morning run through the rolling hills around The Oaks, and fortified by Marvin's coffee, we went south to the coast through the hairpin turns of the Macquarie National Park rainforest and popped out at jaw-dropping coastline.
Now snuggled into my down jacket (yes, it is fall), typing outside the closed registration office where the wifi signal is strong enough (see my dedication to this blog?) and, most importantly, waiting long enough so that Amos and Naeva have fallen asleep. Life in the camper is going well, and quite comfortable most of the time except around bedtime when Naeva reminds us consistently and loudly about the indignity of having to share a bed with her wriggling (often), smelly (sometimes), sweaty (always) 7 year old brother. I tried to make the case that 100 years ago she would have been sharing a bed with 7 people; she replied that 100 years ago she wouldn't have had to be dragged halfway around the world away from her friends to live in a camper.
Secretly, I think she's having fun.
A giant cockroach just missed my foot. Time for bed.


Bombo Beach north of Kiama. Can you spot Naeva and Amos?

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Location:Ocean Street,Kiama,Australia

Sunday, March 20, 2016


We also went to a few rainforests that Lowell took us to. We went to Tooloom national park and to Mount Clunie (which was just up the road from their place). We ventured to the pool one afternoon as well.

Some kind of fungi

Us posing beside a strangler fig

The view from the Tooloom lookout

The bark of a strangler fig

Naeva in the pool

Some cool miniature mushrooms

More from the Tooloom lookout

Red berries hanging from the walking stick Palm

Some kind of plant

The chair mountain behind the trees

A huge tree

Amos, Alicia and Hudson taking a selfie


Friday, March 18, 2016

Don't put your hands where you can't see them

A quick hello from the parking lot of the Woodenbong Pool, where we have cell access for a few minutes. We've been visiting my (Kristina's) third cousins Lowell and his wife ALicia and kids Charlie and Hudson for the last few days. We have been hosted oh-so well! It is gorgeous up here, prosperous farm country just on the border of QUeensland, up in the hills. Alicia has taken us all around and cooked feasts for our crews. Lowell works for National Parks here and has been a great guide and storyteller ("Don't put your hands were you can't see them" is the common warning to the kids, thanks to spiders, snakes, leeches, jumping ants and many other creatures that live in and around the house!).

More later, but here are a few photos from the last few days.

Charlie and Amos in the camper:

This is the farm where they live. Gorgeous farmland up here, in an old volcanic crater:

Lowell, Charlie and Amos in a giant strangler fig on a hike in the rainforest this morning:

On a break on the hike...can't sit too long or the leeches find you (they live in the leaf litter...and yes we were pulling them off our legs!).

Saying a big goodbye tomorrow and heading back for the coast.

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Location:Mount Lindesay Road,Woodenbong,Australia

Monday, March 14, 2016

Coffs Harbour

Just a quick post to say that we are in Coffs Harbour for a few days, enjoying the balmy weather and sound of the waves crashing from our campsite. Beautiful area, with lush hills running right down to the ocean.

We found another luxury (by Canadian standards!) place to stay, with giant pool, water slides and jumping pillow. The kids refused to go to the beach yesterday (200m away), wanting instead to spend the day in the pool and go on a hunt for ice cream while Ian got a few hours of bogey boarding in. Found the good stuff- homemade chocolate and chili for me, Naeva had lemon ice that I am still dreaming about. I should have been documenting our ice cream finds in photos, as the quest for a frozen treat has become an integral part of each day. The options range from Cornettos from the gas station, to upscale gelato at Bondi to everything in between.

Just waiting to go to the beach once Amos finishes his homework for the day. Easier said than done. He's been at it for an hour already.

Heading out Thursday for Woodenbong (look it up!), to visit cousins.

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Location:Coffs Harbour,Australia

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The koala hospital

Yesterday we visited a koala hospital (it has a name but I can't remember it). It was a rehabilitation centre for sick and/or injured koalas that were found out in the "Aussie Bush" (forest). Apparently it all started with Jean and Steven Star, a couple who loved koalas and wanted to care for them but did not know how to do so. So they started looking for injured koalas and would take them into there own backward and try to nurse them as best as they could.

This one's name is David. He got put into the hospital because of conjunctivitis, a form of chlamydia, a disease making that affects many koalas. He was getting fed a formula to help boost his energy.

This is another photo of David later on in the day.

This koala's name is Ocean Summer. Her mother was in a bushfire and she was in her mothers pouch. Her mother didn't survive but she did and came out with only some mangled claws. As she was only young she went home with an employee who acted like her mother until she was old enough to be on her own. She was not able to be released into the wild because she cannot climb trees without assistance because of her claws.

41st Australia style ...

Was my 41st a few days ago. Likely won't quite have the same kind of birthday again. It started off in North Haven, NSW, Australia.

Kristina came home from a run with a coffee, sausage roll and delicious little lavender muffin cake. As an aside - Australia is of course an easy place to travel as a Canadian. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful - lots of "How ya going mate" "No problem love" "Ya doll" "No drama" etc. - but eating out is quite expensive. A simple espresso will run 4 dollars or more, so there are less expressos being consume than normal. So a morning coffee (from the store) is an appreciated treat.

Then it was off for a morning of body boarding. The bad dads will be disappointed but decided it was easier to transport (it is) and easier to share (already has been) a body board to got myself a full package with fins.

(Sorry will improve the picture quality later)

Despite multiple attempts Kristina tried getting me on video catching a wave. Had part to do with the few good ways and a lot to do with my talents. In this picture you can see me ... No not paddling ... But me twisting my board around (Ok you can't see me). The guy paddling is the only Aussie on the water who didn't say hi to me and give me lots of advice about where to go and what to do. I think perhaps because he couldn't speak. He looked about 80, skinny and gaunt and no teeth. He caught more ways than me. Luckily I have 39 more years to improve my wave catching technique.

These are of me ...

And then the kids joined in.

And we ended our day in Port McQuarrie with a bottle of Neve!, some lamingtons and nice dinner out at the Beach House, watching the thousands of large fruit bats make there way out for the night.

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P.S. Still haven't found a site quite like Toowoon Bay, but that is our goal for tonight.