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Saturday, March 12, 2016

41st Australia style ...

Was my 41st a few days ago. Likely won't quite have the same kind of birthday again. It started off in North Haven, NSW, Australia.

Kristina came home from a run with a coffee, sausage roll and delicious little lavender muffin cake. As an aside - Australia is of course an easy place to travel as a Canadian. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful - lots of "How ya going mate" "No problem love" "Ya doll" "No drama" etc. - but eating out is quite expensive. A simple espresso will run 4 dollars or more, so there are less expressos being consume than normal. So a morning coffee (from the store) is an appreciated treat.

Then it was off for a morning of body boarding. The bad dads will be disappointed but decided it was easier to transport (it is) and easier to share (already has been) a body board to got myself a full package with fins.

(Sorry will improve the picture quality later)

Despite multiple attempts Kristina tried getting me on video catching a wave. Had part to do with the few good ways and a lot to do with my talents. In this picture you can see me ... No not paddling ... But me twisting my board around (Ok you can't see me). The guy paddling is the only Aussie on the water who didn't say hi to me and give me lots of advice about where to go and what to do. I think perhaps because he couldn't speak. He looked about 80, skinny and gaunt and no teeth. He caught more ways than me. Luckily I have 39 more years to improve my wave catching technique.

These are of me ...

And then the kids joined in.

And we ended our day in Port McQuarrie with a bottle of Neve!, some lamingtons and nice dinner out at the Beach House, watching the thousands of large fruit bats make there way out for the night.

Posted by old Ian
P.S. Still haven't found a site quite like Toowoon Bay, but that is our goal for tonight.

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