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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fall is here

Happy autumn/spring, depending where you are! We welcomed in the first day of fall with overnight rain and a misty goodbye to Woodenbong and Lowell, Alicia, Charlie and Hudson. Lowell had checked the forecast for us and it said RAIN everywhere along the northern coast of NSW for the next while, so we abandoned plans to head to Byron Bay and went south instead, in search of sun. We drove for 7 hours the first day, through beautiful farmland and wind-y roads to the main twinned highway along the coast that links Brisbane with Sydney. Our overnight in Harrington, picked out specially for the amazing-looking campground and fantastic beach turned out to be a bust; 1) the campground photos looked nothing like reality (including lots of warnings of bad sand fleas and a brownish swimming pool) and 2) there was about 6 hours of consistent, cats and dogs, heavens have opened, puking, sideways pouring rain overnight. Being from Vancouver Island, this even put a good day in Tofino to the test. We dodged the puddles, packed up the wet clothes and put out a last minute call to the Bouris Network...onto The Oaks, 5 hours south, where Georgia and Marvin were waiting with a delicious meal, indoor beds and a promise of a clearing forecast!

After lots of talk about Australian and US politics, and a beautiful morning run through the rolling hills around The Oaks, and fortified by Marvin's coffee, we went south to the coast through the hairpin turns of the Macquarie National Park rainforest and popped out at jaw-dropping coastline.
Now snuggled into my down jacket (yes, it is fall), typing outside the closed registration office where the wifi signal is strong enough (see my dedication to this blog?) and, most importantly, waiting long enough so that Amos and Naeva have fallen asleep. Life in the camper is going well, and quite comfortable most of the time except around bedtime when Naeva reminds us consistently and loudly about the indignity of having to share a bed with her wriggling (often), smelly (sometimes), sweaty (always) 7 year old brother. I tried to make the case that 100 years ago she would have been sharing a bed with 7 people; she replied that 100 years ago she wouldn't have had to be dragged halfway around the world away from her friends to live in a camper.
Secretly, I think she's having fun.
A giant cockroach just missed my foot. Time for bed.


Bombo Beach north of Kiama. Can you spot Naeva and Amos?

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Location:Ocean Street,Kiama,Australia

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