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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Camping à la Toowoon Bay

Apologies but this was supposed to be posted a few days ago. We thought it did, but technology ...

Took off from Sydney in our Camperman camper

Arrived two days ago (March 7th) in Toowoon Bay. May never leave. This is the beach at our campsite, where we've been learning the basics of boogie boarding (Ian bought a body board and fin set as a early birthday present).

Our days so far are pretty simple. Long breakfast. Head to beach. Home for lunch. Schoolwork/shade time in the afternoon. Back to pool or beach. Dinner. Bed. Throw in a morning run, a couple of beer, and one ice cream every day (our pre-trip promise). I thought it might take a while to decompress after a crazy few months at work and moving. I was wrong.

We are staying in a "caravan park", which is Australian for decadent, luxury this-is-not-BC-Parks camping.

Amos on dish duty, with outdoor swimming pool behind him:

Kids bouncing on the inflatable pillow:

Chillin' with CamperMan in the perfect, breezy 29 degree heat:

- K.

Postscript ...

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  1. we found this pic (ian and arthur) online when looking at toowoon bay beach photos -naeva and abby