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Monday, March 14, 2016

Coffs Harbour

Just a quick post to say that we are in Coffs Harbour for a few days, enjoying the balmy weather and sound of the waves crashing from our campsite. Beautiful area, with lush hills running right down to the ocean.

We found another luxury (by Canadian standards!) place to stay, with giant pool, water slides and jumping pillow. The kids refused to go to the beach yesterday (200m away), wanting instead to spend the day in the pool and go on a hunt for ice cream while Ian got a few hours of bogey boarding in. Found the good stuff- homemade chocolate and chili for me, Naeva had lemon ice that I am still dreaming about. I should have been documenting our ice cream finds in photos, as the quest for a frozen treat has become an integral part of each day. The options range from Cornettos from the gas station, to upscale gelato at Bondi to everything in between.

Just waiting to go to the beach once Amos finishes his homework for the day. Easier said than done. He's been at it for an hour already.

Heading out Thursday for Woodenbong (look it up!), to visit cousins.

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Location:Coffs Harbour,Australia


  1. Hey I just looked up Woodenbong! Should be an interesting place to visit. It also appears you have a bit of a drive... anyways,I noticed that you will be inland from Byron Bay, which I think is supposed to be a pretty nice spot from what I remember...so jealous!!

  2. this is Alison by the way, I have NO idea why it shows as Abby and I will probably never figure out how to change it!

  3. toujours rapide les devoirs pour Amos hihihi Super de vous suivre !!!! Mme Julie