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Welcome to our roadshow: Amos, Naeva, Ian and Kristina on the go for six months. We're saying goodbye to our real life in Victoria BC, and heading out to see a bit of the world. Australia, Thailand and Europe - by camper, bike, foot and everything in between. Thanks for joining us on our travels!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


We also went to a few rainforests that Lowell took us to. We went to Tooloom national park and to Mount Clunie (which was just up the road from their place). We ventured to the pool one afternoon as well.

Some kind of fungi

Us posing beside a strangler fig

The view from the Tooloom lookout

The bark of a strangler fig

Naeva in the pool

Some cool miniature mushrooms

More from the Tooloom lookout

Red berries hanging from the walking stick Palm

Some kind of plant

The chair mountain behind the trees

A huge tree

Amos, Alicia and Hudson taking a selfie


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